Investment in Kosovo

Reasons to invest in Kosovo:

Kosovo is one of the most attractive places for businesses in the region. Mines, energy, agriculture, and sectors for food processing demonstrate great potential and provide opportunities for attracting private investments. 

Benefits for potential foreign and local investors

  • Some of the benefits from investing in Kosovo are: Low taxes, rich resources and supportive business environment.
  • Taxes in Kosovo are very low compared to neighboring countries (10% of profit),
  • A young and motivated workforce with strong entrepreneurial skills and spirit and also general knowledge of most European languages,
  • Enviable natural resources: coal, zinc, lead, ferronickel and fertile agricultural land,
  • Free access to European Union market and neighboring markets,
  • Simple and quick procedure for business registration (max within 3 days),
  • Modern legal structure and in accordance with the EU, and
  • The official currency is the Euro, which eliminates the risk of Euro-Zones.