Euro Alliance Consulting has been established since 2013, and as a result of the success of its work over the years, and the cooperation with Businesses and Slovenian institutions, we have gained the status of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo, also known as EAC Slovenian Business Club.

The EAC Slovenian Business Club project is supported by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology of Slovenia through the SPIRIT agency.

Vision: To be always the gateway of Slovenian business interests in Kosovo and mutual cooperation regarding investments, partnerships, opening of markets and product distribution in the two countries represented and Europe.

Mission: Supporting the initiation, construction, development and advancement of the interests of businesses, associations, institutions and other Slovenian and Kosovar acters that have interests in the markets of these two countries as well as Europe.

Through activities:

  • Building, maintenance and development of the network of partners, businesses, customers and members of the EAC Slovenian Business Club,
  • Mediation for Slovenian and Kosovar businesses,
  • Advocacy, organization and management of events such as: Business Conference, Forums, B2B, B2G and B2C,
  • Supporting businesses to participate in various fairs in Slovenia and Kosovo,
  • Supporting and providing knowledge for entrepreneurship development with various experts from Slovenia and Kosovo through various seminars, trainings and consultations,
  • Support in preparing draft proposals for our members,
  • Supporting our members in preparing the legal form of business registration in Kosovo,
  • Informing our members about open tenders,
  • As well as various activities in organizing, arranging and representing various meetings in Kosovo and Slovenia, but not only these.

EAC Slovenian Business Club is the most successful liaison bridge for the development of member businesses and the creation of opportunities for easier expansion abroad.

Our commitment means increasing the productivity of our member business, helping you recognize market voids and the degree of profitability that comes from using our services.

"There's no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs!"

- Unknown author