Business visit to Slovenia

EAC Slovenian Business Club has organized a business visit to Slovenia from June 18 to 24.
The purpose of this visit was to explore business opportunities, create connections and encourage various forms of cooperation.
During the visit, the EAC Slovenian Business Club had the opportunity to work with various Slovenian companies and representatives of ministries. The visit included a series of meetings, presentations and field visits aimed at promoting cooperation, knowledge sharing and potential business partnerships.

Throughout the visit, the EAC Slovenian Business Club's delegation actively participated in discussions on a wide range of topics, including market trends, investment opportunities, trade policies and industry-specific challenges and developments. These interactions provided a valuable insight into the Slovenian market and enabled a better understanding of possible areas of cooperation.

In addition, the visit included visits to leading Slovenian industries and organizations as well as various Slovenian companies, which enabled the members of the EAC Slovenian Business Club to gain first-hand experience and knowledge of the market's advantages and potential. These field visits were an opportunity to observe innovative technologies and sustainable practices. We have created an environment conducive to open dialogue, collaboration and exploration of potential ventures or partnerships.

In general, the business visit of the EAC Slovenian Business Club in Slovenia has served as a platform for knowledge exchange, networking and establishment of business connections. It enabled productive exchanges and developed new ideas for future cooperation between the EAC Slovenian Business Club and Slovenian companies. There are indeed many ideas for cooperation from both sides.