Participation in the International Business Network Event "SEE MEET" and B2B Meetings in Maribor, Slovenia

The EAC Slovenian Business Club, along with the Kosovo delegation, participated in the International Business Network Event "SEE MEET," which included B2B Meetings. The event took place in Maribor, Slovenia, from October 25 to October 26, 2023.

The participation in "SEE MEET" underscores the EAC Slovenian Business Club's dedication to fostering cross-border business connections, promoting regional economic collaboration, and actively engaging in events conducive to international business networking and cooperation.

The involvement of the EAC Slovenian Business Club in "SEE MEET" reflects its commitment to advancing cross-border business relationships and regional economic cooperation. The event provided an opportunity for the club and the Kosovo delegation to explore and establish collaborative ventures, contributing to mutual growth and prosperity.

The B2B meetings organized during the "SEE MEET" conference were particularly valuable. The conference was well-organized and provided informative thematic lectures, enriching the experience for all participants. The primary aim of the EAC Slovenian Business Club's participation in this conference was to cultivate new contacts for joint cooperation and foster connections among its members, furthering their common mission.