Uporabne povezave

Public Tender

Kosovo is for many companies, a new location with investment opportunities. The country is under construction; new tenders of government there are always carried out. In addition, state-owned enterprises to be privatized.
In connection are the most important contact points:

1.Public Procurement Regulatory Commission
All current calls for the Kosovar government, you can, among other things see also the website of the public and Procurement Regulatory Commission. With the help of a search engine you can search on this site for specific tenders. In addition, you will find useful information, reports and publications of the Commission.
The public Procurement Regulatory Commission can be reached at the following contact data:
T: +381 (0) 38 200 100 33
E: info.krpp@ks-gov.net
W: www.ks-gov.net/krpp
(The site is operated in three languages: Albanian, Serbian and English)

2. Public Procurement Agency
W: www.ks-gov.net/prokurimi/start.asp
(The site is operated in three languages: Albanian, Serbian and English)

3. Privatization Agency of Kosovo
PAK Headquarters
Str. Ilir Konushevci nr.8
10 000 Prishtina, Kosovo
T: 038 500 400
E: info@pak-ks.org
W: www.pak-ks.org
(The site is operated in three languages: Albanian, Serbian and English)

4. Policy and Monitoring Unit of public Companies
For the privatization of public enterprises, the department of Policy and monitoring of the Kosovo Economy and Finance is responsible.
The Policy and monitoring unit can be contacted at the following contact data:
T: +381 (0) 38 200 34 110
E: njpmnp@mfe-ks.org
W: www.mfe-ks.org

5. Daily newspapers: KOHA DITORE and ZËRI
(ggfs. And other newspapers)
Tenders in Kosovo u.a., also published in the local newspapers, including KOHA DITORE and ZËRI. This is usually three languages (Albanian, English and Serbian).
KOHA DITORE online: www.koha.net
(The published tenders can also be viewed online, but only with a subscription to this newspaper.)

6. Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Kosovo
For additional information on the economy of the Republic of Kosovo is referred to the official site of Kosovar economic chamber:
W: www.oek-kcc.org
(The site is operated in two languages: Albanian and English).

 The Government of the Republic of Kosovo
Tenders or associated therewith information can be found on the websites of the respective ministries of the Kosovo government.
(All websites listed below are in Albanian, English and Serbian Language).

7. The government of Kosovo:

W: www.rks-gov.net

8. Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications:

W: www.mef-rks.org

9. Ministry of business and finance:

W: www.mef-rks.org

10. Ministry of Trade and Industry:

W: www.mef-rks.org

11. Public Private Partnership: 

W: www.pppkosova.org

Complaints Authority for Public Tenders

12. Procurement Review Body –PRB
This authority deals with the following tasks: discussion of the APP, KRPP decisions about procurement, punitive measures and rejected and incomplete complaints.

Organi Shqyrtyes i Prokurimit – OSHP
A: Rr.”Garibaldi” p.n. Prishtina,
T: + 381 38 213 378
F: + 381 38 213 378
E: oshp@ks-gov.net
W: www.oshp-ks.info
(The site is operated in three languages: Albanian, Serbian and English)