Visit to our member business "Interalumin"

EAC Slovenian Business Club has organized a business visit to the company "Interalumin", a leading company specialized in the production and distribution of aluminum products.
The purpose of the visit was to get to know the company's production processes, innovative technologies and business practices.

The purpose of the visit was not only to get an overview of "Interalumin", but also to strengthen connections and possible collaborations and search for new partners in Slovenia.

"Interalumin" presented its expertise and experience in the field of aluminum production, emphasizing its commitment to high quality standards, advanced production techniques and compliance with industry regulations.

The business visit to the company "Interaluminium" provided an opportunity to exchange knowledge, network and explore potential business opportunities for a successful partnership between the club and Slovenian companies, which will contribute to the growth and progress of both business entities. included.